Watch this space for regular updates as we share details on how to write great prompts and get great results

First, the basics:

  1. A “prompt” or question gets things rolling. Experiment!! Try single words like “facts” or longer instructions to see what works best for you.
  2. Your prompt or question is directed solely at this single judgment (described as “the context” in this model), and the reply will draw solely from the content of this judgment.
  3. Just like with a human colleague, classmate or judge, the prompt or question you ask and the way you ask it can influence the reply you receive. Try differently worded prompts to get to the replies you find most satisfying.
  4. To train our systems and improve the quality of the results, we capture and retain every prompt/reply pair. This activity is completely anonymous and not connected to your account in any way
  5. You may find some replies to be unexpected, incomplete and in very rare circumstances, wrong. We’d love to hear your impressions and answer any questions, so please use the contact form below if you’d like to hear from us.

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