Jurisage AI

Bridging the gap between legal questions and answers

Our name and mission blends the science and philosophy of law (jurisprudence) with the support of a wise, knowledgeable, and trusted advisor (sage).

Our goal is to elevate access to justice and bridge the gap between legal questions and answers by building powerful applied AI products that support an ecosystem of legal problem solvers.

We bring deep legal publishing and innovation expertise together with world-class machine learning and applied AI specialists to revolutionize the world of legal problem solving.

We enable legal professionals to access and synthesize complex legal information in the moment so they can outperform their best selves with quicker and more cost effective access to highly relevant and powerful insights.

We seek to lead, collaborate, and drive positive change within the legal community.

Our Story

The potential of building together far exceeded the benefits of growing solo

AltaML, a leading applied AI studio driven to elevate human potential, and Compass Law, an independent Canadian legal publisher and legal market innovator initially launched Jurisage AI as a joint venture leveraging the parties’ expertise in artificial intelligence and legal innovation. 

Jurisage AI expanded a relationship and collaboration in place since September 2020 when AltaML and its co-CEO joined the Legal Innovation Data Institute (LIDI), as founding member and advisor, respectively. LIDI was initially launched by Compass to lower the barrier to technological innovation in law through providing members controlled access to the Compass case law collection for non-profit and non-commercial uses. The enormous potential and scope of that opportunity uncovered by AltaML through a year of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) research and prototype development opened the door to establishing a commercial venture with Compass.

Jurisage became an independent company in July 2022 to conincide with the launch of the Jurisage MyJr browser extension built to bring instant and on-demand case insights wherever legal researchers saw court opinion citations on the web. 

Our second product, Jurisage KM, is currently supporting a key practice group within one of Canada’s largest law firms. We are presently developing approaches to combine the data and analytical capabilites that power MyJr with the confidential data management features of Jurisage KM to create a powerful new dispute management workflow intelligence tool for firms across North America.


Jurisage products will always prioritize workflows that deliver the best and highest value insights in response to the narrowest and simplest input. While the primary focus will be on retail product development, Jurisage also intends to develop application programming interfaces (APIs) to support connection and integration of its AI models with service providers and enterprise users. 


Meet The Team

Colin Lachance, LL.M.

Co-Founder & CEO

Recognized legal innovation leader, 3 time founder, former CEO CanLII.org, and past “Top 25 Most Influential” awardee of Canadian Lawyer Magazine

Cory Janssen


Co-founder and co-CEO of AltaML, former co-founder and President of Investopedia, serial entrepreneur and machine learning industry leader

Juliano Rabelo, PhD, PMP

Co-Founder and CIO

AltaML Director of Data Science, post-doc work in ML, NLP and explainable AI, former co-founder and Director of 70-person  applied AI research company 

Chris O’Brien

Product Lead – fractional

Venture Chief Product Officer at AltaML

Mike Berg

Technology Lead – fractional

Venture Chief Technology Officer at AltaML

Keri Smith

Staff and Resource Lead – fractional

Chief of Staff at AltaML

Jon Chia

Finance and Strategy Lead – Fractional

President at Gratum Consulting and CEO Contexture

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Full Stack Developer


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Machine Learning Engineer


<this could be you>

Legal Knowledge Specialist


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Senior Sales Executive


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Customer Success Lead


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Director of Product


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