Adkin v. Anderson, [2002] B.C.T.C. 1218 (SCM)

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Temp. Cite: [2002] B.C.T.C. TBEd. SE.042

Maureen Roberta Adkin (plaintiff) v. John Alfred Anderson (defendant)

(E31905; 2002 BCSC 1218)

Indexed As: Adkin v. Anderson

British Columbia Supreme Court


Horn, Master

August 20, 2002.


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Family Law – Topic 2224

Maintenance of wives and children – Interim relief – Interim maintenance – See paragraphs 1 to 26.


E. Strain, for the plaintiff;

A. Croll, for the defendant.

This matter was heard on July 25, 2002, by Horn, Master, of the British Columbia Supreme Court, who delivered the following decision on August 20, 2002.

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Adkin v. Anderson

2002 BCSC 1218

Supreme Court of British Columbia
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6 minutes

Horn, Master
: This is an application by the plaintiff for interim spousal support pursuant to Part 7 of the
Family Relations Act
. The plaintiff is aged 58 and the defendant is aged 56.

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